Welcome to the Black Owned Business Critic blog spot! Here we believe in cooperative economics or “Ujamaa.” Ujamaa is swahili for cooperative economics. This principal is critical to our community.

The purpose of this page is two-fold: 1) promote black owned business across the country and 2) to give an honest slash loving critique of these businesses. My work on this stems out of my work in Rochester, New York an; as an activist. I was a lead member of B.L.A.C.K.= Building Leadership and Community Knowledge. As one of the #blacklivesmatter groups in Rochester, New York I took an active role in identifying and promoting black owned businesses in Rochester.

I always found it interesting that many businesses in and outside of Rochester did not have a Facebook page or had minimal reviews on It was kind of disheartening and easily unhelpful. Thus, I have taken it upon myself to illuminate and empower our community with this resource. BOB Critic is a living, breathing and growing organism. It will be updated weekly and sometimes daily. The goal is to capture the essence of a plethora of black owned businesses from Thurston Rd to Compton Blvd.

Ride with us, cause it will be one hell of a journey, ya dig!


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