Micro-Blog-Eat Face 7-12-17 Rochester, N.Y.

I had to bless you with the micro-blog. Partially cause my phone is dying, but mostly cuz it is only right. This is the sequel to a spot I already blogged about. The support is infinite and will be perpetual. The obligatory big up gives me more room to explore unchartered facets of da biz. Ya dig.

As you look at those seasoned fries and chicken tenders, “Isnt She Lovely” by Stevie Wonder should be playing in the background. I’m definitely a fan of this combo. If you aint, you might just be lyin to yo’ self, or a vegan.

The best part of my order today, was that it was quick and professional. The good brotha said 6 minutes and about $6. He wasn’t lying. In my opinion, black AND white restaurants take too long. OR,they give poor estimates. Not at Eat Face! The brotha was on the ball (as old folks from the south say).

Such speed is easily encouragement to come back. And that’s………a fact!


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