Everyone’s Place 7-1-17 Baltimore, MD

Book stores are a treasure to our communuty and they aint just anywhere now. Brilliant ideas are patient, calculated and pensive. This is what fine things are made of. I’d say books possess 80% of these thoughts. Realizing our brilliance means producing, collecting, reading awe-inspiring books and applying their ideals (and not just talking all day). Everyone’s Place, located in Balimore, gets this.

This is the 2nd time I went to EP. It was all love at first sight. I describe it like visiting a best friend that lives far away. I have pledged my allegiance to go everytime I am in the DMV. If I can help it. With everything from drums, dashikis necklaces, healing rings, incense to books of course. EP is an oasis of black culture. You feel so rejuvenated when you are checking out the wares.

I was born under the sign Ma’at which is the Kemetic law and spiritual system of that golden era. Ma’at represents: truth, justice, balance and order. Everyones place has an amazing selection of books for this purpose. Similarly, I have a juggernaut interest in the history surrounding slavery. John Henrik Clarke will breakdown this history in plain terms liks a brotha on the block with a black & mild in hand. So, on this day, I purchased books that reflect this unyielding and infinite interest.

EP, in my opinion is one of best book stores in the East Coast. It is a great place to meet people and to get lost and found in our culture. I will skip my typical highlights because this place is perfect in every way. Mic Drop! Put this on your bucklist ASAP.

Explore more at: http://www.facebook.com/Everyones-Place-107917832575771/


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