Pop Style 6-2-2017 (Rochester, N.Y. )

Southwest Rochester be feenin’ for Caribbean food. You know what it is! It feels like it is more Caribbean spots than corner stores in the west. From Chili to Thurston to Genesee, the southwest is saturated with that island flava. I say this to say, Caribbean food is in high demand and Pop Style is giving the people what they need. Best believe.PS is situated on Genesee Street and Orleans Street, across from Madison Middle School. Athough it is next to another Carribean spot, “This is it,” it covers the day shift, while This is it is on snooze mode. Sounds wild, but it works because Pop Style has been thriving for years. They serve the hood by the droves. You don’t believe me, look………

Despite the line, my wait was quick. I ordered a mini plate of Curry Goat and a beef patty. You know the drill,  patties are like how cats treat fries at burger joints……it’s just an accomplice, slash side-bar to the main event. I digress though. The goat was to my liking. I thought it was fairly trill. But, I don’t ‘tink the spices and seasoning were fleeking. It was like fries with salt and no ketchup. Still, it was good cause the texture and softness of that thang was agreeable. It was like LeBron, Game 1, a good effort either way.

I like that PS has options you don’t exactly see elsewhere. For instance; jerk sandwiches, jerk wings, jerk salad and jerk wraps. That’s doooope. Someone reading this post might try to front, like….”yo, mad places serve that B.” Never. Let’s curve that quickly. Few, to no places have that on deck or on the menu. Facts.

PS is great for lunch or a just-before dinner grub session. They serve up all types of island dishes of different sizes for your delight. Best of all, they keep it moving.

Highlights: 1) Quick Service, 2) Simple Menu, 3) Very Unique Menu Choices, 4) Many Size-Price Combinations.

BIG UP TO PORTIA NESBETH for the look out!


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