Zoc’s Gourmet Burgers & Shakes  6-1-2017 (Rochester, N.Y.)

Despite the wave of pessimism, some Rochesterians exude, we have some great things going for us. One of which is our entrepreneurial spirit, in part, arising from Rochester’s corporate oriented slash Fortune 500 foundation. The black community has taken this inspiration and rolled with it. Zoc’s is an example of a small exceptional class of businesses with a modern feel and fresh ideas (e.g. A Gamers Nostalgia, Brothahood Productions, LaLew, The Mobile Spa, etc). It is astute brothas like this that bestowe Rochester with things folks complain about not having.

Located in Rochester’s culturally rich 19th Ward neighborhood, Zoc’s is in a great location to catch suburban and urban clientele. Also, if you are coming from copping loosies at Gregorios, it is also the move. The interior is small, but cozy and accommodating. They did much better than many do with the same square footage. The creativity and dexterous ideals don’t stop there.I myself copped a Florentine Burger. Why? Because you can’t get Florentine Burgers in the ‘hood. And you know this!!! This, among other things is the epitome of Zoc’s zest. I love it.  This type of renaissance thinking is what makes for impactful businesses. And Yes, the burger was good, well cooked, good bread, with artful presentation. Lets all acknowledge how dope the menu is at this beastly burger  boutique. You will not find a menu like this in the black community unless you head to Harlem.

I will say, I experienced complications in paying with my credit card as their point of sale machine had lost its wireless connection. But, hey, no big deal, I went and got cash. It happens. And guess what, the young lady handling orders was sooooo professional and on top of things. Whoever hired her clearly has a great sense of customer service. Word.

Highlights: 1) Great Customer Service, 2) Very Healthy and Varied Menu Options, 3) Speedy Service, 4) Great Branding

Find more info on Zoc’s: http://www.zocsgourmet.com/


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