Oakk Room 5-31-17 (Buffalo, N.Y.)

They should call the east side of Buffalo little Atlanta. Or perhaps little Charlotte, since our people migrate there like clockwork. It is precisely that chocolate city, DC-ATL feel upon you when you enter the Oakk Room. Oh yes it is! It’s kinda of like the spot Nipsey’s in Martin. It’s all black, classy, full grown and the vibes are sho’ nuff correct. 

Big up to my man Khente. It was his birthday on this day and I had to show love (Geminis always get love). Combined with a Court appearance in Lockport the next day, I found myself all up in them Buffalo Streets y’all. When in Rome…….I mean….Kemet, I had to get my BOB on. At the late hour I arrived, the Oakk Room was open late, classic music bumping in the background and wings on deck. After I sauntered in, I knew I was in the right place.

Before our lituation ensued, we peeped the drink menu and it was hard! Martinis were $5 that night and my cousin got no other than the “A$$ Martini.” You heard me right, there will be no need for squats in her near future (see drink menu below). The menu is wild wavy, never saw drink this this clever.  After we got the drinks settled, we checked for the food menu, but all that was left was wings. 

This author has no problemo with that. A good establishment is direct and to the point about what they do and don’t have. Oakk Room was on point with this. We had 20 BBQ and Mild wings. But more relevant to all ya in blogland, those were some of the best wings I had in a minute. And thats………..my……..word. No lie.

Oakk Room is the spot: to chill, date night, to eat, to party. And, my spider-sense says it is drama free too. I’m a fan and I will be back.

Hightlights: 1) Low Cover Charge, 2) Professional Staff, 3) Amazing Drink Menu, 4) Great Wings, 5) Very Nice Sized Venu, 6) Good Music


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