Arnett Cafe 5-24-17 (Rochester, NY)

Some say that the person you are informs your level of success as a business owner. I embrace this as an axiom. Arnett Cafe exemplifies this principle. AC is run by a real cool brotha. Someone whom I admire and respect. With no hesitation, I would add that his chill vibe and easy going persona explain why Arnett Cafe is such a hit with the people. 

They live up to this slogan and they practice it from the moment you walk in. Southerners often say we can be cold and without manners here. I tend to agree, our culture up north doesn’t consistently foster community. Manners are superflous and gratuitous to most. Why do we need those, is the attitude of some of these kats. But never me, or AC. AC makes you forget this for the time you are enjoying its awesome soul-art interior.

And the food ya’ll, yes. It was perfect. It came out quick. The waitress was warm, affable and organically hospitable. She is also a thread in the good natured fabric that ’tis Arnett Cafe. But I digress, I had pancakes, eggs and beef sausage. My colleague had fish, shrimp and cheese grits.

…….the food had momentus presentation and favorable preparation only a master chef or Big Mama could bestow upon thee. My colleague liked her food so much she said, “I just want to go back there and hug the Chef.” I felt her on that. And soon, you will too.

In short, Arnett Cafe is a must visit. To support them is to support one of Rochester’s best businesses period. I’m smitten. 

Highlights: 1) A-1 Customer service, 2) Food comes out quick, 3) Presentation of Food is Superb, 4) Cheap Price Points.


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