Island Mix 5-22-17 (Buffalo, NY)

The home of Buffalo Bills, Buffalo wings and the city of “good neighbors,” Buffalo is a dope city.  The Queen city always gets props from this author because of its thoroughly black & afrikan centered east side populace. You could say that our rough-buff cousins have a knack for Umoja if your wokeness is Kwanzaa inclined.

As many of you may know. I am an attorney out of Rochester, NY. This last Monday, my work delivered me to the steps of the Lockport City Court. While heading into Buffalo, I blazed up the Facebook post like, “yo where’s that soul food at ya’ll?!” Sure enough, my good neighbors held me down. They recommended places like Kalypso, Oakk Room, Firehouse, Sooey’s and Island Mix. Big up to Mazin, cause her suggestion was the only one open at 10p on a Monday night.

Island Mix is conveniently located on the East side off Route 33 on Jefferson Avenue. It flaunts mad menu items, particularly jerk shrimp. Can’t front, I dont knoweth of any place in Flour or Salt City that has jerk shrimp. It was bad and boujee, really spicy, but not schesity.  And any place with plaintains is cool with the kid. But check it, one the employees had the nerve to bless us with free beef patties, whaaaaat?!? Island Mix was a lituation that requires a sequel and a shout out.

Highlights: 1) Open later into night, 2) Awesome Menu, 3) Cool & friendly staff, 4) Accepts Debit Cards, 5) Next to Black Owned Coffee Shop (Golden Cup Coffee), 6) Delivery is available.


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