Jerk Hut 5-20-17 (Syracuse, NY)

In the shadows of the South side community center is Jerk Hut. They specialize in good-foodington and filling your stomach with joy. Yes, the food here will blow off your snapback back and the two-toned durag off yo’ head.

Good Caribbean cuisine is always a treat in the black community. It connects us to the diaspora and is a great alternative to our obligatory inclination toward soul food. The south side citizenry, Im sure is grateful to have one of the only carribean spots in the hood. Jerk Hut is well positioned, being fairly close to downtown and having little to no food competition within a mile or two in any direction.

Curry chicken was on my mind, so I copped accordingly. I had curry chicken, plantains, rice and cabbage. A good grub session for me and my lady, no doubt. The only thang, was that the chicken was already on deck so it was partially fresh. Also some of the pieces were too hard to eat. That aside, it was good and I will come back. And I did like that the staff was quick and professional with theirs. “I’ll be back.”

Highlights: 1) Great Menu, 2) Seating Room Inside 3) Swift and Satisfying Service.


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