Timbuktu 5-20-17 (Syracuse, NY)

“We were once Kings and Queens.” You hear this in some form or variation in black communities. Best believe, this is 100% #facts. The first bones, tools, hunting equipment weapons were found in various parts of Afrika (take out the colonial “c”). Much of this occurred previous to the birth of Christ. Greeks, Romans and others came to Afrika to learn about the many civilization inroads Afrika had Mothered. Timbuktu was a sterling example. It was a major center for education, trade and culture in the 14th century. Nearly 20% of the city was student-scholars. Timbuktu had approximately 120,000 people when London had 20,000. And so, there is a spot in the 3-1-5 aptly titled “Timbuktu-Afrikan Trade Imports.”

Kwasi is the Owner of Timbuktu. When you walk in, he treats you like family, you definitely feel right at home. He calls me “Yaw” since I was born on Thursday. This is a name I gladly embrace, as it is an Akan name from the tribal people of Ghana. My people are from: Ghana, The Cameroon, Congo, Mali and so on. It is this Afrikan pride and appreciation that Kwasi gladly shares and showers you with when you roll up in the spot.

Timbuktu has: masks, natural butter, oils, posters, necklaces, posters, dashikis, statues, beads, gift cards, books and movies. The inventory of black owned is vast mucho vast senior and senioritas. It is trulty a pleasure to patronize Timbuktu, as few places have this many nuanced cultural items.

Highlights: 1) Great Customer Service, 2) Great Prices, 3) a wide reaching range of cultural items, 4) Kwasi is willing to educate you.


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