Bobo’s Chicken Shack 5-17-17 (Rochester, NY)

I’m from the west side/best-side/Thurston World, 14619. Yup. But Bobo’s Chicken Shack, located in the northeast,gets the head nod across the Rock non-stop. I’m not making this up, nor could I. A brotha such as ma’ self has been listening close to the streets. And them thumbs been up. On the real, they only do carry out, but Bobo’s always delivers.

When you walk in, their menu guides your eyes to what they have. A good look. Mad spots let you indulge deep into the menu, you get all happy, then they don’t have your first or second options. Treacherous AF. Bobo’s has a menu like the one above for your convenience. And they were honest with me about what they didn’t have. I dig.

 I can’t front, the Shack has some of the best wings in the city. You hear me, some of the best. I had yams, bbq wings, collards and rice. Sooooooooon, they came true my yute, they came widdit! That Bobo’s Sauce is better than country sweet sauce on the low though. And the yams were perfectly sweet. Very impressive. Lastly, they blessed a brotha wit a mini pound cake to boot. In Puerto Rican terms their food was a WEPA! In video game terms it was a “hydooken” and Brighton terms it is totally radical duuuude. Bobo’s is highly recommended, they don’t disappoint.

Highlights: 1) Good Customer Service, i.e. cordial, 2) Great Wings/Yams, 3) Bobo’s Sauce is Hittin’.


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