Peppa Pot 5-12-17 (Rochester, N.Y.)

Rochester is blessed to be the home to many carribean folks. So you already know we have plenty of island influenced foodington here. A frank fact is that many black amerikans have not been to the Caribbean and dont always have an affinity for recognizing authentic cuisine from the islands. I know I don’t. I’m from Thurston World, but I know satisfaction, let my stomach tell it. And, Peppa Pot is a cool little spot thoooooough.

With South Wedge as its enclave, PP is located in a unique locale. There is a scant amount of black businesses in this area, as this is the trendy, yuppie, liberal-presenting, bohemien side of the Rock. Many of us come here frequently,  but most black folks in the city live in the southwest, northwest and northeast parts of the city. All this said, PP chose a good spot, as their competition is minimal. 

When I strolled up I was greeted by a pleasant young sistah. She, candidly slash professionally noted that the board pictured above was what PP had to offer at the moment I ordered. This was and is dope. Many black owned businesses I have visited in the past 6 months present menus that have a mere fraction of what they are willing to serve.  Not a good look. I understand places cannot provide everything at any given time. I get it. But, why not just say this up front as folks walk in? We, as the customer, spending money, are worth it. 

From the door on Gregory street to the menus at the front desk, the folks at PP present superbly and have a nice looking atomosphere. Their menus are trifold, professional and present several options. This brochure style is impressive and seldom seen in most food BOBs. 

I got the mini/small peppersteak, with rice, corn muffin, cabbage and plantains. The portions were pretty big and the food was hearty and Dillon. So you know a brotha was chillin. I do think it was a little pricey in comparison to some spots, but that’s cool because of the portions they hit me with. 

Highlights: 1) Bigger Portions, 2) Pleasant Staff, 3) Available Items are Stated by Clerk & Sign at Counter.


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