Magic Wings 5-9-17 (Rochester, NY)

Hi, my name is Diallo Payne, I love black joy moments and country sweet wings y’all. Both of which can be found in Thurston World, esp. at Thurston & Chili. In this chocolate coated enclave, most folks see cats hustling, Henner’s Liquor Store and 50-cent loosies. But, we see promise, a oasis and no doubt a small black wall street. At this intersection there is: a club, clothes store, food spot, corner store, hair salon and so on. This is the backdrop for theirs trultly, Magic Wings.

Yes, MW is all in the hood, but the staff handles like Chef Curry with the pot. For takeout spots, it is one of the best in the five-8-five. No attitudes, candid and to the point. My understanding is that ownership primarily manages, whereas the owners at other places are preparing the food and managing all at once. The speed and consistency of MW is easily impressive.

Once the wings arrived, they were good and the sauce added some charm, but not quite magical. Good nonetheless, this is the nature of my taste buds feedback. My colorful palate oriented cousin ordered pizza logs. Good idea. Those were good too. The best part here is the variance of foodie options MW offers. Dig me!

Hightlights: 1) Great Location for Local Folks,  2) Superior Speed, 3) Great Menu Options, 4) Delivery!


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