Harriet Tubman House 5-6-17 (Auburn, N.Y.)

Moses is the name and freedom for her people was her game. But, for Harriet Tubman, it wasn’t a game because her people were not free. Her name rings bells because she used a system called the “Underground Railroad” to empower freeseekers south of the Mason-Dixon Line. With this in mind, the home of such a superlative and A-1 freedom fighter is home to us all. So I had to roll up on Harriet Tubman’s abode. Word.

Sign out front of House.

We had the pleasure of being guided by a brotha named Paul. He mentioned that the Tubman house itself was owned by the local A.M.E. Zion church. However, the business was just recently made into a partnership between the church and the Parks & Recreation Bureau. The tour guide noted most prominently that the Bureau would help preserve the premises and not alter the well refined agenda already crystallized by the church (although negotiations were currently pending). They best not, because I don’t want Harriet to come back and whoop somebody ass up in here.

Other sign out front, near entrance

We were blessed to have an amazing host named Paul. He was very informative, amiable and carried the spirit of her story like a pro. He provided a lot of trenchant information about Tubman, particularly, the dynamic with her first husband, John Tubman. When you come on such tours you want to get as close to the subject people as possible, to step in their shoes. Paul did just this with: dramatic pauses, moment reenactment and keen theatrical  moments. In short, Harriet’s legacy is at peace in his hands.

My Family-Isabel and Nassir

We arrived at 1:35p, started our tour at 2p and the spot closed at 3p. We were fortunate to catch the Paul’s introduction to Tubman’s life, walk through the museum and then get a petite tour of Tubman’s homestead. Some noteworthy Tubman facts were: 1) first woman in U.S. History to lead a military expedition, i.e. during the civil war (Also acted as a union spy), 2) Harriet transitioned from her birth name Araminta Ross to Harriet Tubman around time she married John Tubman, 3) Harriet was 4’11 in height and 4) made approximately 19 trips, freeing as many as many as 300 people from the “peculiar institution” of slavery.

The interior of the Museum

Highlights: 1) Great Price for Admission, i.e. $5 adults/$3 young adults, 2) Charismatic Tour Guide, 3) Insightful Info, 4) Quality Merchandise for Sale.

Admission Sign @ Museum

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