Tangies 5-4-17 (Rochester, N.Y.)

Tangies has been feeding the hood for a minute. No doubt at all, they are one of Rochester’s NY’s premier Soul Food spots. Not just cause they have a drive thru or a handsome interior. Nah, it’s more. Wanna hear why, here it go……….

I have been coming to Tangies for 3-4 years now. They do work. They used to be on Rock’s northwest side on Lake Ave. Their canny and clever tact has landed them in the northeast, an area where soul food is not being served like it should. Yet and still, Tangies does something most places dont. Usually, food is on display and on deck. 

I appreciate the young brotha that took my order. He had pizzazz and personality. He knew the food options, assisted with my decision and he was courteous. I appreciate that. When I am spending money, I feel the customer is owed this courtesy every time. This was both on the order end of the counter and the paying end. They must be treating their customers right, cause their traffic was kinda steady up in that mug.

Consistent with other experiences at Tangies, the food was lit. I have always been a fan, but, yes…..but. The placement and presentation of the food was a little careless. For those who loathe to have their yams all on the mac-cheese, this would be a turn off for you. For me, it’s was cool, because I’m not picky like that and the oxtail-yam combo was bomb-though.

Highlights: 1) food on deck/short waits, 2) nice looking interior, 3) great food, 4) nice variety of food, 5) drive thru.


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