Unkl Moes 4-29-17 (Rochester, NY)

Sit-down restaurants are the needle in the haystack of black commerce. Maintaining a wait staff is a no joke. But certainly, it is rewarding. Besides spades and Al Green, black folks don’t love anything more than good sultry conversation and exquisite foodington that hugs yo’ ribs. Unkl Moes does this and they do it well y’all. There are known cases of folks fallin’ out from the holy spirit there……..

Located in Rochester’s chocolate city, the 19th Ward, Unkl Moes serves American, Soul & Comfort Food. Many places have good service. Unkl Moes has great service because they actually cater to your needs and vibe with you. For the time you are there, you are being served and cared for. For Unkl Moes, it is a labor of love. Once you arrive, it’s not just the food that will bring you back.

My family came 5 deep. My father got the corn chowder soup he wanted, my moms got smoothered pork chops and I got French toast/eggs/hash browns/turkey bacon. Yes, they do breakfast after lunch, a huge plus in my eyes. All of which was fresh. Denny’s never had this much soul, ever. It was righteous! A filling meal indeed. So fulfilling, I could hardly get willing, slash smiling participants for this picture below.

Highlights: 1) Serves Breakfast and Dinner, 2) Professional Presentation (Menus, branding, t-shirts, etc.), 3) Staff is Courteous/Charming, 4) Customer Friendly Combos, 5) Kid’s Menu.


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