People’s Choice 4-27-17 (Rochester, NY)

The People’s Choice award goes to………..People’s Choice. Yes……yes indeed. Yes, slightly corny, but yet it’s not. This restaurant lives up to its name every time. Located in Thurston World at Thurston and Brooks, it is coveniently located next to the Airport and near the U of R. They serve Carribean, Soul Food and American.

PC is the epitome of great food and great customer service. Just lkke mama used to make. This is one of my favorite places in any city, period. Turn up and turn your wallets inside-out for People’s Choice. Word!When I came back from law school, I wanted to reconnect with my community. I’m from the 19th Ward y’all and I love my hood, from Westfield to Plymouth. The blackness is immense. People’s Choice is the summit of the black experience in the southwest. Its one of those spots that has great foodington, you are treated like and prices are even bargained at times. 

The love is real in PC because it is filled with well known people that have come by and taken pictures and signed dollar bills. PC has its own environment, it’s is one made by and for the people of our community.

This time around, I was 3 deep. One of my people chose not to eat, but oh well, we are not all destined to eat delicious food. My plate, for $8, included pepper steak, cabbage and Mac-cheese. It was intoxicating. The pepper steak was fresh,soft and chewy. Don’t be jealous, you need to go get you some.

And the sides complemented the p-steak gorgeously. A friend of my mine dressed his plate with only sides and they were quite magical, let me tell you. Can I get an OMG!?

For out of towners, college students or other curious parties People’s Choice is a great intro to Rock City soul food. The food is love.

My highlights are the following: 1) Excellent Service/Interactive Service,2) Great Environment,  3) Spacious Interior, 4) Good place to meet people.


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