Eat Face-4-26-17 (Rochester, NY)

Southwest Rochester is like the Harlem of the city. Dont front, you know what it is! Streets like Thurston, Chili, Genesee and Jefferson are lined with mad BOB’s. Eat Face is one of the newest additions to this impressive mantel place.

Eat Face is poppin because the menu is short and sweet. In short, they serve american food, a burger-type spot ya know. I call it a “mico-soul eatery.” There are too many spots in our communities that have excessive waits because the menu is so brolic. Which begs the question: how much do you value your customers when they hesitate to eat at your establishment because of the savage wait times? Eat Face is swift and their menu is small and laconic, I can rocks with that. 

When I came through, I appreciated the multi-general staff lituation. That was cool. The sistah that took my order appeared to be in her teens and she was definitely professional. She was on that “please” and “thank you” type thang. Respect. When BOB’s employ family you know that they….”get it.”

The highlights of Eat Face are: 1) good food, 2) friendly staff, 3) short wait time, 4) good prices.


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