Aboriginal Smoothies by Sean Bonham- 4-27-17 (Rochester, NY)

With Its All Love as the backdrop, Aboriginal Smoothie ascends to a seldom traveled mesophere to bequest goodness upon the people. Too often, the black community takes its own health for granted. We have overdone Facebook posts about favorite childhood cereals, we fantasize about red velvet cupcakes, folks eventually get diabetes and got the nerve to play folks that do eat healthy. It is clear such foolishness needs to be curved something severe and superb. And thats……my word. 

We must eat to live, not for gratification. Aboriginal Smoothies arrives to the scene with this calibre of consciousness.

I had the Alkaline Bionic Berry with Almond Milk. It was perfect, it tasted great and you could taste the freshness of the ingredients as it was made on the spot.  My smoothie included a host of healthy berries, particularly blueberries, strawberries and blackberries. It is like a magic bullet of  trillness. Sean truly is “bringing health back to the hood.”

Aboriginal Smoothie is a simple, but superlative business idea. I look forward to seeing what more will unravel in its path of prosperity.

The highlights are: 1) great conversational customer service, 2) organic/natural ingredients, 3) quick services, 4) is located in a soul food spot-the convenience factor is on fleek.


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