M.A.R.S. Mcgowan-Memories Are the Realest Stories-4-24-17 (Rochester, NY)

Rochester has been home to plenty of dope spitters over the years: Sun N.Y., Hasaan, Oowop, Larry Love, Scribe Da God, Bishido Garvey, Golden, J Clancy and now the limelight and brilliant borough of the 19th Ward offers us M.A.R.S. McGowan. 

M.A.R.S.’s recent offering, “Memories are the Realest Stories” is a happy meal, with a beautiful blend of music for hip-hop enthusiasts and even r & b inclined ears. The album is lit ya’ll.

M.A.R.S. album exhibits the type of wave of our favorite rappers from Brooklyn or Harlem. Rochester has plenty of talent, but many are discouraged because the national spotlight evades us. M.A.R.S. ignores this and demands that his shine be seen.This project is dope because it possesses the polish of a project from a major label.

I won’t spoil it for you, but I will share my favorite tracks: Intro, #oooo!, Dreams, Hold it down, Real one, Here with me and WWYD. He has something for everyone here. This album is “for-real-for-real solid.” Stop sleeping on local artists, cause cats like MARS are better than yo’ favorite rapper!


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