French Quarter Cafe 4-19-2017 (Rochester, NY)

Meet me at the French Quarter Cafe, it is located at the intersection of stylistic and salacious. A high-toned restaurant that slays presentation and taste on cue. Translation for home grown Rochester pessimists, it feels like a restaurant that shouldn’t be in Rochester. Dig!

I never thought a break from work would land me on Bourbon Street. Sure enough, FQC is an exquisite experience that justified this imaginative belief. FQC has a very appealing interior with jazz infused portraits and ornate chandeliers drippping from the ceiling. In short, they fancy. And that, is on my hood!

Of course the food was good, you better believe that they foot was all in it. On the date in question, my squad was 3 deep and we bodied the following foodingtons: a) chicken etoufee (half portion), b) shrimp etoufee (half portion), c) sweet potato fries, d) catfish w/okra & dirty rice and e) Cafe wings. The presentation was potent across the board, almost flaunting a level of artistic appeal. The spice on the etoufee dishes were sassy and the fish had a rich white interior with a crispy cornmeal coating. Oh……..yea!

A perfect spot for lunch, a perfect spot for the family and definitely a great date locale. FQC  is splendid and highly recommended.&

FQC’s highlights are the following: 1) Great prices/concise menu, 2) thoughtful wait staff, 3) shorter wait times, 4) classy environment.


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