Leteak’s Soul Food-4-14-17 (Syracuse, New York)- The Sequel

I would like to thank my lady love in Syracuse. Her city put me on to one of the best soul food spots in Central NY, Leteak’s Soul Food. And yes, this is part deux, we coming for dem yams dem.

I will chronicle each journey because every experience is different and there is so much to glean y’all. We must know our businesses far better, as we know ourselves. 

On our sequel visit, we ordered via stub hub.  This helped us avoid initial lines for ordering. No doubt, it is great to see a BOB that is using the NET to get that guap up. A word-up (cameo voice)!

The down side is that we had to wait when we got to the spot for about 10 minutes. But, that didn’t matter, why? Because Leteak’ s looked out by giving us 2 free red velvet cupcakes, turn up! Now that’s customer appreciation on litty.

It’s sad to say that this is the only stand out spot in the ‘cuse, but the great part is that they are a damn good business. Why? Because Leteak’s aims to please.


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