Radical Dreams 4-10-17 (Online Vendor)

When black love and cogent artistic expression comes together, awesome sauce is the likely lovechild. Introducing Radical Dreams. In short, they stay woke (ala childish gambino) and they have cool ass gift items.

I purchased a Colin Kaepernick lapel pin. To me, he has gracefully protested the many ills of the day and must be heralded and praised with his just props. After all, this brotha did it alone. And he did it mad times, not just once. So don’t front.

Yes I kept it ghetto with the screen shot, but you feel me though. And why not, I’m giving you da good-goods. Laconically speaking, Radical Dreams has some trill pins and they have something for the revolutionary in each of us.

Highlights: 1) Pins are well priced, 2) Super quick shipping (got it in 3 days, normal shipping, 3) highly unique products.

For more, visit: http://www.radicaldreams.net


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