Sooul Wings 4-7-17 (Rochester, NY)

Unfurling out of my speaker, on our black owned station, WDKX, was this advert about a new place called Sooul Wings. They had just debuted. This was June-summer 16, nah mean. Sadly, but honestly,  I didn’t arrive until yesterday. How’s that for CPT Time?!? Yet and still, I’m happy a brotha arrived. I take this wing game seriously ya’ll.

On the inside, Sooul Wings is modest, but accommodating. They have room for folks to sit-in, or take it out, if that’s what ya wanna do. I was pleased by the quality of their branding and presentation. I thought this was the strongest single quality ’bout Sooul Wings.

The menu is deep and has some good options. The arrangement of items is thoughtfully tailored to the needs of most soul-foodies. They were also intuitive about the arrangement of combos. 

Most important, wings are their specialty and that, they do well. The wing-flats I got, pictured above were crispy and cooked just right. And they had country sweet sauced baked into the meat. It was indeed, a treat. So don’t sleep!

Hightlights: 1) great wing focused menu, 2) they are combos conscious, 3) great branding/presentation.


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