Royal Ox 4-5-17 (Rochester, NY)

Big up to all of my oxtail fans. Not to be confused with the stewed or curry chicken fanbase. To properly celebrate oxtails, we need to orchestrate a Facebook group, scratch & sniff t-shirts and support groups for those dealing with oxtail withdrawal. Playing. But, trust,…..Royal Ox isn’t playing, they food is a stroll through litty city. 

With a locality of Milton & Thurston Road you better know you are in the 19th Ward. A neighborhood rich with black folks and good food. No place like it. Royal Ox is in its infancy, as it has been in business for merely a year or so. Yet and still, they are definitely making name for themselves in Thurston World.

Many of us from the neighborhood, are familiar with LJ’s, a carribean foodie spot,which was located in the same place. Let me tell you, Royal Ox is the proper successor to the LJ’s throne. Royal Ox has brought new ideas, a new look and new vibrations to this spot. To be exact, in many previous visits, customer service was quick, friendly and even humorous. Kudos on this.

A homie of mine, Alex Kelly and I popped up in Royal Ox and had the pleasure of indulging in the $8 Oxtail plate. Definitely a good look. They were, soft, fresh and chewy. The sauce was the trill deal. I will be back. And yes, they are consistent because I received quick and thoughtful service before.

Highlights: 1) greats oxtails, 2) great variety of options, 3) they have sea food, 4) above average customer service.


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