Ty’sen’s Tasty Cakes Cafe-3-31-17 (Rochester, NY)

Yes, there is a black owned business in the Court House. Word, im for real though. Thats lit right!? Welcome to Ty’sen Tasty Cakes Cafe, a convenient little spot in the Hall of Justice in Center City, Rochester, NY.

For those that dont know, I am a General Law attorney here in Rochester, NY. Tysen’s is always a good look when I am in Court and I am mega hungry coming from the homestead. They are a BOB version of a coffee shop/convenience store. They sell everything from sea salt chips to tuna sandwiches. On this day, I went with the chicken salad sandwich. And yes, a brotha was pleased and at ease, best believe.

I put the spotlight on Ty’sen’s because BOB’s are everywhere. We are a commodity, thus we must simply recognize our value and embrace opportunities consistent with our purpose.

What’s most impressive about this BOB is its location. Hundreds of people flow through the Court and this shop is the ONLY place to get food inside the building. Now, that……… is good business.

Hightlights: 1) Good Variety of Products, 2) a few Healthy alternatives, 3) Gnarly Location.


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