3 Kingz Barbershop-3-24-17

Located in the heart of Thurston World is a cadre of barbers with common sense and sharp edges that will keep you “first day of school fresh.” 3 Kingz is more than just barbershop.

I have been a patron since April  of 2015 and I have stayed for a reason. Part of this is because I always get thoughtful conversation on varying topics. From politics to hip hop, it seems like brothas always enbrace their clientele. The variety doesnt stop at the convo though.They also handle mad styles from brush cuts, to braids to sew-ins.

On the real, my hairline aint perfect neither, but they be having me lookin like chris brown before the nose rings and his latest ridiculous streak. 3 Kingz be doing it. They definitely do work. Big up to my barber Ty, and Chik who was nominated for a Roc Award.

3 Kingz is a family oriented barbershop that makes you feel at home and is very brand conscious. I rocks with them all day and you should too.

Hightlights: 1) Friendly/Relateable to clientele, 2) Ultra Modern Black Hairstyles, 3) Short Wait Times 4) Magnetic IG/Facebook presence


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