Abyssinia Restaurant-3-25-17 (Rochester, NY)

Many African-Americans struggle to embrace our brothas and sistahs from the Continent. Slavery in America and Colonization on the Continent have made us forget who we are. This, is the tension that keeps us at arms length. Making the connection through history and culture will fortify the tie that binds. One 0f the best ways to embrace the culture is through the foodington. Food is like a bridge connecting people and places. And let me tell you, Ethiopian food takes me to the Motherland and back!

Abyssinia is a staple in our community and one the few true sit down BOBs in the Flower City. Ya’ll been sleeping for too long. Son! Would you believe that they been open for nearly 17 years?!? They are truly one of the scintillating gems among us. This is not just evidenced by the food, but also the cozy climate of the business and amiable smile-ready customer service.

As for the foodington, Ethiopian cuisine is a little different than what we eat on the reg. Its not no wangs, fries, yams or chitterlings……nah son, they have meals that are a little more intetegrated. Similar to a mexican burrito, Injera is a wrap that you put your lamb, chicken or collards into (or whateva). It is very filling, fresh on the reg, and filled with vim and vigor.

Highlights: 1) Superlative Customer Service, 2)Top Calibre Freshness, 3) Perfect for Dining in, 4) Great Online Menu.

For more, visit Abyssinia Restaurant @: http://www.abyssiniarochester.com 


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