Its All Love-3-24-17 (Rochester, NY)

Welcome to “Thurston World,” the mecca of black owned businesses in Rochester, NY. Home to some 20 or more black owned store fronts. Our harlem. A place where black hair salons, nail spots and restaurants thrive. For me, this is home. When it comes to good food and good people, Its All Love is where these thangs intersect.

IAL may look like the typical soul food spot, but it aint. It will turn your taste buds out. And you, think its a game. IAL serves everything from the obligatory country sweet wings to  steak dinners and even chicken alfredo. Feel me! IAL keeps your taste buds lit. When it comes to variety and taste, they are one of the best in the city.

Today, I went with my soul food sweet tooth: tangy wings, mac/cheese and yams. The wings stay saucy, m&c is hittin and the yams were soft and sweet. This, my friends is what joy tastes like! IAL always puts a foot in they food, today was no different. My taste buds were sanging like the late Luther Vandross before the jheri curl. Whoooo, whooo, whooooo, whoo-whoooo!

Highlights: 1) above average soul variety, 2) very friendly staff, 3) sit-down environment, 4) witty social media presence.


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