Brue Coffee-3-16-17 (Rochester, NY)

The ascension of black folks collectively will come with widespread  appreciation of our peoples’ endless brilliance. We are not just consumers of hair, food and under-priced/over-appreciated wal-mart products. Some of us like parfaits, some like chia seeds and others like chai latte tea. This eclecticism is embraced by Brue Coffee (@ Genesee & Brooks).

Brue took over where Boulder Coffee left off a few years ago. It’s evident that Brue was strategically placed across from the U of R, but, it still caters to the black community (19th Ward/Southwest Quadrant). Such catering is clenched with a continuum of compulsory coffee shop thangs: lattes, a wild selection of brewed coffees, cup cakes and lots of  bluestocking individuals. 

I would be remissed if didnt mention that they also have mixed drinks, beers and liquor on dizzzzeck. Yes, the only coffee shop that keeps it litty!

To my delight, Brue had a vanilla cupcake and a high caffeine coffee aptly branded, the “Redeye.” Both of which were delightful, and enhanced my giddiness, esp. the cupcakes. What spot, in the hood, you know……….that sells cupcakes?! Nowhere, thus my giddiness is justified, ya dig.

In short, Brue is uber official. It’s a great place to chill, to study or even soak up live music. No question, it is one of the premier black owned establishments in the 19th Ward.

Highlights: 1) FREE wifi, 2) great meeting/chill spot, 3)great desserts, 4) they serve a good range of “drink-drinks.”


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