D & L Groceries-3-16-17 (Rochester, NY)

On the west coast, it is Asian owned “corner stores” on the east coast it is Arab owned bodegas. Either way you put it, there is a dearth of black owned corner and grocery stores. Statististics indicate that money in the black community stays in our community for less than day; some say it is less than 6 hours. Lets “keep it 1000,” thats what it is. Don’t front!

In the 19th Ward, Rochester, NY……D & L is a rebuttle to that dilemma. D & L is a black owned establishment and has been in our community for approximately 3 generations. They serve carribean food, hair products, wine, household products, fresh fruit and some items unique to the Carribean.

On my trip to D & L, I rocked with my usual corner store purchases: beef patty and chips. But, because I was at D & L I copped a mango and Carribean Coconut cake. And yes, the beef patty was authentic and not unthawed……if you must know.

D & L is a vote for product alternatives and healthy options…… both of which have a carribean flair. Supporting BOB’s starts with shifting our buying habits enough to patronize strong establishments like D & L. Nah mean!?!?

Highlights: 1) it’s right in the hood, 2) they serve food and groceries, 3) they have multiple employees and are family run (only 5% of black businesses match this criteria).


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