Everything is Good-3-14-17 (Rochester, NY)

I love the variety of carribean food that the city of Rochester has to offer. Out of towners be sleeping on us. Personally, I think it is pretty impressive (particularly in the 19th Ward). Keepin it 100%, one places that I always ride with is…….”Everything is Good (ETIG).” I go there nearly 4x/week and they be coming true.

I admit, ETIG caters particularly well to my thoroughly selfish and self-regarding style of eating of on-the-move and snatching the food up quick-fast. I know I’m not the only one. But when they have mac/cheese, yams, callilou, greens, beef patties, stewed chicken, curry and jerk chicken on deck nearly all of the time………it’s a must I rock wit dey food dem.

Yes, the food at ETIG is not cooked with your name on it, but is it is still good……like the curry chicken meal I had today (pictured below).

ETIG hits the spot where many businesses fail, due to lack of: good business hours, high prices, attitude laden customer service and consternation causing wait times (15 minutes or more……that’s a half episode of “Rosewood” my G!). ETIG does good business and hits the spot for take out carribean food in the ROCK!

Highlights: 1) $5.00 lunch special (11a-3p), 2) extremely quick service, 3) a variety of food prices ($2 beef patty; $12 dinners), 4) good hours.


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