Soul Vegan-3-12-17 (Detroit,MI)

A chic spot in Detroit is……Soul Vegan, co-owned and jumpstarted in 2016, by……two Mighty Sistahs: Erika Boyd & Kirsten Ussery. The spot, has a pettite, but quaint dine-in area. It has good visual presentation and a casual eclectic vibe. The employees are vibrant, cultured and amiable.

Healthy and clean eating is critical. Typically, many us are eating meals with several foreign components, toxic inclined or toxin oriented ingredients. 

Soul Vegan incorporates more natural or organic ingredients that were not altered or tampered with for commercial reasons. This, is a revolution in the black foodie lifestyle. Sooooo……necessary.

I had the sweet potato pancakes and fruit parfait. Both were great! The pancakes were definitely among the best I have had.They were sweet and soft. I-HOP, you are fired!

My only concern, was that the wait was a little too long. However, the food was great and the young lady who took the order was very nice, collected and patient. I enjoyed Soul Vegan and a brotha would definitely go again.




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